Our Fabulous Instructors:

                            Danielle Desilio  Danielle has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years
and has traveled abroad to experience different styles.  Completing her
 teachers training in Interdisciplinary Yoga at the Nosara Yoga Institute in
 Costa Rica and is certified with Yoga Alliance, her practice emphasizes
 breath and physical postures to increase flexibility, strength, and serenity
while enabling you to discover your unique expression and style of Yoga.  Join Danielle in a
meditative environment and experience the rewards of renewed strength, energy and balance.

Nina Markil, MS, CES, RYT     Nina Markil promotes a balanced class that teaches students
to honor their bodies and allow the yoga to work with them to invite positive life changes and
peace.   Nina creates a welcoming yoga environment for you to feel comfortable and safe.  
Her classes incorporate physical postures with proper alignment, breathwork, flexibility,
balance and
deep  relaxation, while encouraging you to develop body and mind awareness.
She has experience teaching all levels as well as those with musculoskeletal and
cardiovascular disorders.     Nina holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and
Health Promotion and is certified by Yoga Alliance at the Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach.  In
addition, she is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Exercise
Specialist and as a Health Fitness Specialist.

Gina Marie Schlueter a started practicing yoga in her early 20's. Over the years she was
busy raising a family & working, but still found the time to return to her mat. She discovered
that Yoga brought a sense of calmness and balance to all of life's ups and downs, and wanted
to share that realization with others. She became certified as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher and
registered with Yoga Alliance.   She is drawn to teaching beginners where she can plant the
seed (bija), and introduce all the physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer.

Dakota Dawkins has developed a deep connection with the practice of yoga recognizing the
many mental, emotional, and physical benefits and he now shares these ancient teachings of
the yoga tradition with you.   Dakota's classes incorporate a balanced mix of active and
passive asana (postures) with an emphasis on pranayama (breath control).   The heart-
centered approach he takes encourages you to drop into the present moment and recognize
the true essence of yoga which lies in the meaning of the word; union.  Empowering a sense
of union within the body and mind is fundamental to his teaching.  Meditation, mindful
movement, chanting, and even philosophical concepts are often explored to give you an array
of tools and practices to inspire a sense of union within the many aspects of yourself (mental,
emotional, physical, intellectual).  Students are given the freedom to honor their personal
practice and participate in the growth of their highest good or dharma (life path) in doing so.   
Classes are open to all levels and ages, only requirements are an open mind and beating

Daryl Bacon   Daryl is a certified RYT yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance, and has
been teaching consistently the past four years. She began practicing Hatha Yoga over 15
years ago, following a very minor no injury heart attack induced by stress from a very fast
paced career. Attending her first yoga class was love at first sight, experiencing firsthand yoga’
s trifold health benefits of strengthening and soothing not only the physical body, but calming
the mind, and deepening the Sprit, as well. Yoga is her life’s passion, and, she continues a
devoted practice. This eventually blossomed her desire to become a yoga teacher, in order
that she pass on and guide others safely through their yoga experience using the breath and
asana practice, along with its philosophy towards connecting to one’s true Self, for gaining a
more healthy, happy and balanced life. She continues her yoga studies, attending yoga
intensives/workshops, and, an ongoing Spiritual practice. Daryl also is certified in natural
healing, Reiki Level One, and is currently working on a Yoga Ayurveda certification.

Paola Cala  Pao is an artist of many means with an endless passion for life, her love affair
with asana began about 3 years ago when she strongly connected with Bikram and shortly
after Kundalini, Yin and Anusara Yoga.  With a background in Art, Human Rights and Social
Work, Pao's approach to yoga is one that integrates emotion, thought and action into the
discovery of one’s greatness.  Her classes include breath work, chanting, meditation and
movement, guiding her students to uncover their own power, develop their talents to their
fullest potential and connect to all beings with a kind, compassionate and loving heart.  Her
intention is to bring the essence of yoga into a simple practical way of living through the
cultivation of awareness, food education and soulful practices.

Ilicia Koslow is a 200 hour certified Hatha RYT through Trancend Yoga of Jupiter Florida
and has a strong background in Kundalini yoga as well. She deeply believes in the practice of
yoga as healing and wants to share this amazing ancient practice with others in order to help
them find healing and the tap into ones self by the use of mantra, pranayama, mudra,
bandha, visualization, dharana (concentration), and meditation (dhyana) practice, kriya, and
asana.   Ilicia came to the practice of yoga initially to get physical healing and during the
process Ilicia came to realize that she had found a practice that was completely life changing.
Yoga helped her connect to herself on a very deep heart level and she fell in love with this
ancient practice. She has a deep passion for the healing, cleansing properties and yoga’s
connection to her consciousness, which opens her to live a more awakened truthful life. She
truly wants to teach yoga to allow others to live their truth and to be present in their bodies in
the moment and to stay in the present moment for the present is all that truly exists. To live in
truth to help others to live in their truth by embracing themselves in totality. For we are truly
perfect in this moment.

Patricia Delehanty-Miegel   is a certified yoga teacher through Transcend Yoga, including
Kids and Pre-natal, and a registered member of Yoga Alliance. She combines her knowledge
of human anatomy along with her interest in the parallels of quantum physics and eastern and
indigenous wisdom into her yoga instruction and meditation.  A week long intensive study with
Deepak Chopra along with Transcend Yoga teachings combining classic yoga and spirit
inspired her to become a yoga instructor. Gently guiding her students through proper
alignment in postures she stresses that everyone's anatomy is unique, there are options for
all poses and your practice is essentially a personal experience for your own body and being.  
Always a student as well as a teacher, she has an ongoing enthusiasm to explore all yoga has
to offer attending workshops, retreats, and conferences.  

Monica Fiaschi Monica’s love affair with all things yoga began with her very first breath in
her very first class. With the encouragement of her teacher, she began to explore whatever
piqued her interest: mantra, mudra, meditation, the chakras, philosophy, Reiki, aromatherapy,
Ayurveda, qi gong, tai chi, reflexology…..the list goes on and on.   As her practice deepened,
Monica began to notice a new strength, balance and flexibility in her life; not just physically,
but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.   In 2011, Monica transformed her love of
learning into a love of teaching and obtained her 200 hour certification from Transcend Yoga.
Monica brings a beginner’s heart and a lighthearted reverence for all traditions to her practice
and teaching. And just as she was encouraged by her first teacher, Monica encourages her
students to seek their truest path to their truest Self with an open and joyous heart

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